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3 Obvious Signs That the Car Detailing May Have Been Faulty

Every Car Owners Deserve a Good Detailing Finish!

If you’ve been doing your own car detailing for a while, then you might have encountered problems with your car’s paintwork. This doesn’t make a difference if you’re a professional or not, but you should know what to do in order to fix such issues if they arise. Here are some signs that an auto detailing may have been faulty:

Unwanted Scratches

This is a common issue if it comes to auto detailing. You should never expect that the scratch removal they’re offering is flawless and that you’re going to see no or very few scratches on your vehicle because of the service you’re paying for. Anything that’s not flawless with auto detailing can be damaging to your car’s finish and is a sign of a back job operation.


Your car may get stained or you simply notice the dirt, oil, or grease that has seeped into your car’s surface during the detailing process. This is a common issue that you should expect if you are not careful with the service provider that you hire. A good finish must be clean and do not have stains in it.


This is an issue where the paint is peeling or bubbling. If you’re experiencing this, then you should know that the detailing service is not doing its job properly. Because of this, you’ll have to look for a different detailer to do the job right.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues in your car, then you should take the necessary steps to have them fixed or replaced right away. It would be wrong to do something that is not part of the car detailing service or not expect a flawless result. If you need more information on car detailing, know that you can always count on Ultra Shine Auto Detail LLC. Know more about the services we have to offer by giving us a call at (972) 695-9467. We are in Dallas, TX.

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