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Auto Graphene Coating Benefits

Graphene Versus Ceramic Coatings: Which Is Better?

Over the last few years, ceramic coatings have dominated the detailing scene, however, that is about to change. Now a new product has started to revolutionize the market in the shape of auto graphene coating, as it too is boasting high levels of protection. There are literally hundreds of products available today, many will work as advertised, while others leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and end up collecting dust on the shelf.

How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last?

They are very durable and can last from a few months to several years. Professional-grade ceramic coatings boast a 5-7 year lifespan. This is remarkable considering most of us grew up applying the wax paste that began to lose its hydrophobic properties only after a mere 30 days and provided nowhere near the same amount of protection. While true ceramic coatings are durable, they are not for everyone. Most spray ceramic coatings and sealants do provide 6 months to a year of protection, and be applied for as little as $10 a coat. Spray ceramic coatings, however, don’t last as long.

What is a Graphene Coating?

Graphene coatings, as mentioned above, are the latest technological advancement that has made a huge splash on the auto detailing market. If you go on social media regularly, chances are you have seen a marked increase in ads that promote graphene products. This carbon-based nanomaterial is not exactly new, a couple of British professors discovered it back in 2004 and won the Nobel Prize in 2010 for all their research. Now fast forward to today, and graphene is still steadily growing in popularity in many detailing circles, as some of the major brands boast up to 10 years of protection.

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