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Auto Paint Restoration Tips on Using Clay Bars

How Does One Use a Clay Bar?

There will come a point when no amount of washing will be able to remove theĀ buildup that has accumulated on a car’s exterior. This will be the time to reach for a clay bar. Rubbing and polishing compounds will do the job when it comes to auto paint restoration, however, you run the risk of scratching the finish. With a clay bar, this will not happen.

You will find clay bars and detailing sprays in the auto care aisle of your favorite store. Both Meguiar’s and Mothers are the 2 most popular brands that offer kits with everything that you will need for under $25. This simple job does not require any advanced training, just follow a few basic steps that will help you to restore that long-lost luster to your ride.

The first step is to wash your car thoroughly. This will be the only time you should consider using dishwashing detergent, as it can easily remove wax.

Take the clay bar out of its wrapper and knead it for a couple of minutes to soften it. Then, form it back into its original bar shape, or make it into a disc that looks resembles a hamburger.

Starting with an area that is around 1 or 2 feet square, spray your car’s surface with a detailing product that will provide lubrication for the clay bar. Then, start to gently rub the clay bar back and forth over the painted surface. When it gets too sticky, use more of the detailer.

After a few strokes, wipe the surface over with a microfiber towel. Check the finish with your fingertips, it should start to feel smoother than the surrounding area. A professional trick is to drag a piece of cellophane across the area, if it glides, and does not grab, when the finish is clean then you have done the job properly.

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