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Beginners Paint Polishing Guide – How to Remove Swirls From Your Paint!

Is Your Cars Paint Work Full of Ugly Swirls?

When it comes to DIY auto paint polishing try the following guidelines to help you achieve an almost professional surface finish.


The quick removal of scratches or the removal of paint off a vehicle can be achieved by using a compounding pad and some liquid compound. This is a form of liquid sandpaper and, very similar to sandpaper, is available in different grits. A white twisted wool compound or buffing pad is highly recommended.


This is the removal of a thin layer of dull paint that was created by oxidation, any overspray, minor orange peel, or bumps and ridges on the surface of the vehicle. The paint must be smoothed out by using a liquid compound and a buffing pad. This will add a light shine to your vehicle. Just make sure that you use a light grit liquid compound so you do not remove too much of the paint off your vehicle’s finish. Remember, light pressure is the best way to go. Let the pad and compound actually do the work for you. Use either white or yellow wool, or a yellow or green foam pad.


This is a rich paint conditioner that will restore the valuable oils to your car’s paintwork, it will also remove fine scratches, swirls, and imperfections, and creates an incredibly deep gloss. A yellow wool pad or blue or black foam pad, as mentioned above is recommended.


This is a high gloss paint that offers protection against the elements. A cream wool pad or white foam pad is advisable for this. It can also remove swirls, and can be applied and removed manually.


Meaning pores per inch. The lower the number of PPI, the coarser the foam pad is. The higher the PPI, the finer the foam pad is.

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