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Car Paint Restoration: Matte vs Gloss Finish

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A car’s color varies greatly from model to model. When it comes to color, each car owner will have a personal preference that not only influences aesthetics and appearance but also upkeep. So, what’s the difference between matte and gloss paint? Read more below to know the best option for your car paint restoration.

Matte Paint

When perfectly polished, matte paint can appear quite elegant and refined. They “pop” in a classy luxury vehicle. Depending on the color of your tire and rims, the fully “murdered out” matte finish may tend to make the wheels blend into the fender wells or look overly dark. Although it is difficult to mess up a matte finish, mistakes might happen if it is not applied properly.

Because it lacks sparkle, matte paint tends to make flaws and other imperfections stand out more than most other paints. This means that in order to keep it looking spotless, frequent polishing will be necessary. However, for those who adore the color’s futuristic appearance, this might be a minor price to pay.

Gloss Paint

A high degree of reflectivity and a bright sheen are characteristics of glossy automobile paint. On show cars or premium vehicles, it is frequently used. Glossy paint gives your car a modern, expensive appearance. If you want your automobile to stand out from the crowd, it’s ideal. Your automobile will be deeper and act as a “clear” wall between the outside world and your body.

It does need more upkeep than matte paint, though. You must keep it spotless and free of smudges and fingerprints. Because they appear “flat,” matte finishes are the most likely to be scratched. Gloss finishes are more resilient and tend to be less likely to be damaged or scratched because of their gloss.

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