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Common Auto Paint Restoration Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Want to Make Sure You Get It Right This Time?

When it comes to auto paint restoration, many DIY enthusiasts come across the following issues, which is why we at Ultra Shine Auto Detail LLC have provided you with a few solutions on how to remedy these mistakes.

The likes of orange peel, wrinkling, paint curtains are all conditions that will ruin an automotive paint job. The good news is they are preventable and fixable.


This is also known as wrinkling, splitting, or checking, and can include cracks of random sizes and resembles the wrinkles on a reptile’s skin.


  • Insufficient preparation, to prevent cracks or many other imperfections, you must first properly prepare the substrate for paint.

How to repair it

You first have to leave the paint film to cure completely. Once done, you can sand out any imperfections and simply reapply the paint.

Orange Peel

This is considered one of the most common conditions that we at Ultra Shine Auto Detail LLC hear mentioned when people talk about painting their own vehicles. As the name implies, orange peel is a condition where the dried paint has an appearance similar to an orange peel.


  • Excessive film thickness, applying too much material in full wet coats will cause this. And this includes preventing the paint from flowing to an even film before it has had time to dry.

How to repair it

This is easy, simple sand out the texture in the dried paint with fine-grit sandpaper, then compound and polish so you restore the gloss. If the orange peel is major, sand out imperfections and then reapply more paint using the properly reduced material, air pressure, and technique.

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