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Common Paint Polishing Mistakes

How to Get a More Professional Finish for Your Car

Detailing your car at home has never been easier, from paint polishing to washes, the products available today have been engineered to make sure all your painstaking efforts produce the best results and aren’t remembered as paint-scratching errors.

All you need is a water hose, buckets, a wash mitt, car wash soap, and some quality waxes, beyond that, knowing how to detail and the common mistakes you need to avoid are important.

1. Never use dish soap or other household detergents, as these can actually strip away the waxes and finishes.

2. Never wash your car in direct sunlight, as the soapy water will dry before you have time to rinse it off.

3. Never use the same bucket for soap and rinsing. Remember to squeeze your dirty wash mitt in a separate bucket before you dip it into soapy water.

4. Don’t forget to clean the wheels first. Ignoring this will mean that you are splashing grime from the dirtiest parts of your vehicle onto freshly washed areas. Clean the soap and rinse buckets and fresh after washing the tires.

5. Never dry your car with a regular towel. Instead, invest in an absorber, otherwise, you will be just grinding dirt and dust particles back into it.

6. Never wipe missed spots with a drying towel. If you spot dirt after you have completed the washing stage, simply wash the area again. Trying to wipe it clean with a drying towel will embed dirty particles into your paint, resulting in scratches.

7. Never apply wax or polish directly to the car, instead, apply or pour it on the applicator to make sure you don’t get dark spots or uneven streaks.

8. Never over wax, as anything after a second coat, is a waste.

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