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Paint Restoration Tips

How to Restore Faded Car Paint: Get Your Car Looking Its Best Again!

Unless you house your vehicle in a plastic bubble, it will start to age. Engine components will undergo wear and tear from daily use, even if they are well maintained. The exterior of your vehicle, however, is what takes the brunt of the damage. The likes of dents, scratches, and dings can occur due to either carelessness or misfortune, and your paint will eventually lose its luster in time, which is where our paint restoration blog comes into play.

Where paintwork is concerned, an early response will be the best strategy. The more time it takes you to become aware of the problem, the more difficult it will be to deal with.

In this article, we will discuss how to restore faded car paint and the basics of what it entails. Ultimately though, when it is too far gone to undergo DIY administrations, professional help will be needed.

Spray Clay Bar Lubricant

Coat the faded area of your paintwork with some clay bar lubricant. You need to be sure that there are no dry patches, not even minuscule ones. This is because the paint is already vulnerable, and grating against it with a dry clay bar will often do more harm.

Clay Bar the Surface

To prepare your clay bar, soften it manually. You can wear gloves if you have them handy. And always remember to spray it with lubricant. Remember, that dryness is the enemy here.Lightly pass your bar over the faded area in a side-to-side motion. Never rub in circular or random motions, as this is abrasive.

Repeat This Until No More Contaminants Are Visible

Check your clay bar after you have worked the entire surface. Chances are you will see that it has picked up a fair amount of filth. After which buff up with a quality wax or polish until your paintwork is gleaming.

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