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Top 3 Reasons Why a Car Paint Restoration Service Is Needed

3 Common Reasons Why Car Paint Peels

Car paint peeling is a common issue that most car owners face at some point in their car’s life. The good news is that this type of paint damage is very easy to fix. However, during the car paint restoration process, a car can look different, depending on the cause of the damage. Below are 3 of the most common reasons why car paint peels and how you can restore it back to its former glory!


If rain is the cause of the paint on your car peeling, then you shouldn’t be too concerned. Indeed, water does have the power to damage painted surfaces, especially in areas that see frequent flooding. To prevent this, try parking your car in a dry area when possible, or simply invest in car covers, which can help with preventing the paint from getting damaged in the first place!

Road Salt

Road salt, just like rain and traffic, can cause damage to painted surfaces. Not only does it strip the paint on your car, but it can damage other surfaces as well. Road salt is highly corrosive and can damage a wide range of materials, including painted surfaces. If you’re noticing that a lot of your car’s paint is peeling, this is a likely culprit, as road salt is extremely corrosive.


If you’re parking your car somewhere that sees a lot of sand, then you should expect that the paint on your car, just like other surfaces, can get damaged. While all sand can cause damage to painted surfaces, fine sand (as opposed to gravel) can be particularly damaging. Car paint damage is often a clear warning sign that you need to have your car’s paint professionally restored. Fortunately, sand is the easiest to fix. Just using the right car paint restoration products and even keeping your car covered when possible can help with preventing major paint damage, peeling included!

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