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Paint Polishing Tips

How to Prep a Car for Polishing

Before you begin any type of paint polishing, you first need to ensure that your paintwork is as clean as possible, otherwise, you will be just dragging the dirt around, and scratching into the clear coat, making even more swirls! You can either pre-wash or snow foam first, the latter is a non-contact method, step, meaning you will not actually physically touch the car, let the pre-cleaners do their job which is to lift dirt and contaminants away from the surface, then go ahead and pressure wash.

Then you need to shampoo the car using the two bucket method, in addition to a soft microfiber. Lastly, we strongly recommend that you use a clay bar to remove any leftover stubborn contaminants from the paintwork. This can be a highly satisfying process, as you will be surprised by how much debris it will remove off your paintwork, especially if it’s the first time you have clayed your car.

Polishing your car

Polishing can either be performed by hand or with a machine. Polishing your car manually is potentially safer, however, it is a long and laborious task, especially when you need to do the entire car! When you use this method, tackle a small section at a time, and then, once you are happy with the results, move on to the next section. This allows you to see the fruits of your hard labor, side by side with sections that have not been polished yet.

The more efficient way to approach this is to use a machine polisher. Due to the work and repetitive nature of manually polishing, using a machine will often yield better results, simply because people have a tendency to cut corners when polishing manually, due to the fact they just become get bored!

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