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What Is an Auto Graphene Coating

What Is Graphene Coating and How Is It Better Than Ceramic Coating?

Auto graphene coating is the latest revolution in the auto industry. However the material it is made of is not a new concept.

Graphene contains a layer of carbon atoms and is said to be the strongest material in the world. However its usage in auto industry is still being explored and researched.

Graphene coatings are ultra-hard and anti-static, and when applied to a vehicle will not allow dust and dirt to settle on it.

So in this post we will discuss its concept, advantages, and how it revolutionized the auto protective coating industry.

Benefits of Graphene Coating:

  • Easy DIY Application – It is easy to apply.
  • Ultra-long durability – It provides more than five years of high-quality protection.
  • Creates a stunning reflection – Graphene coatings provide a rich, deep, and non-sticky shine to the surface of the vehicle.
  • Superb hydrophobic properties – It doesn’t allow water and dust to settle on the surface.
  • Guaranteed results – It is trusted by professional detailers.

Advantages of Graphene over Ceramic Coating

Now that you know the benefits of graphene coating, let’s take a look at its advantages over ceramic coating.

Longer durability

Graphene is much sturdier and stronger than ceramic, and this is the reason why it has become popular among auto enthusiasts.

Ultra high-gloss and color depth

Graphene makes the surface of a vehicle look rich, glossy, and beautiful more than ceramic coating does.

No water spotting

Ceramic coatings do retain the heat and form water spots on a vehicle in time, but a simple combination with graphene coatings will make the surface of a vehicle more resistant to heat and reduces water spots significantly.

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