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Wide Applications of Auto Graphene Coating

Make Your Vehicle Better

Need graphene coating for your car? Hire a company! Professionals supply industrial graphene as an advanced coating for automobile paint protection. As one of the first and only manufacturers of auto graphene coating to apply in this manner, we are qualified to provide this material to the auto, trucking, and transportation industry. Our graphene coatings have been applied to various applications, including the following:

Truck Tires

Graphene is an ideal abrasive for truck tires. In addition to tread wear resistance, the material reduces heat build-up that would result in more frequent tire changes. This can save money on tires over time.

Car Tires

Graphene has long been known to be an excellent catalyst for suppressing tire blowouts. Although it is less susceptible to tire-storing heat than other types of abrasives, it is still anti-slippery on wet roads. In addition to its tread-life benefits, the material does not sacrifice wear resistance when compared to other types of abrasives.


Gravel roads are a frequent factor in truck smashes. The low-friction and heat-resistant properties of graphene ensure a crack-free driving experience, while its wear resistance ensures that the gravel is pushed out of the way and away from the tires. When gravel is pushed away, the vehicle can better negotiate turns, as well as climb inclined surfaces.

Brake Linings

Graphene is used in brake linings to reduce the negative effects of heat. The material used in brake linings is chosen on the basis of the relevant standards and standards required. Graphene brake laminates are non-reactivity, which means they do not react with other substances, as well as being a low-friction material.

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